Wilted Celtuce Leaf Snack

Wilted Celtuce Leaves make an amazing snack, taco topping, great in quiches, and more!

Celtuce Leaf (washed)
Butter (or peanut oil)
Salt to taste

1. Wash the leaves thouroughly then pat dry or place in salad spinner. Then cut the long leaves into slightly shorter segments.
2. Over high heat, bring your skillet to the smoking point. Then add your butter or oil.
3. Toss in leaves and mix constantly for 30 seconds or so until well wilted but still have a crunchy stem.

This is amazing in and on anything!

*TIP: If your greens are browning quickly, put them in a bowl and cover with cold water. Put back into the fridge and wait 20 minutes. They’ll be good as new!